Business Coaching

Business coaching is a wider notion than executive coaching, as it is aimed not only at leaders but also at key specialists and other persons important for an organisation. We assist our clients in solving their problems in everyday work but also with regard to crucial career questions and dillemmas.

Business coaching is a process designed to enhance performance of an individual and in consequence - to improve organisation results.

Usually, business coaching takes a form of several individual Client-Coach meetings, lasting up to two hours. However, the way of collaboration is always based on Client needs and agreed upon with the Client.

The team of our coaches cooperates with the renowned UK company - Management Futures (, using its long-time experience and methodology. Our partners are involved in our development and the process of our coaches certification in the Institute of Leadership & Management (

In our coaching work we are inspired by Six Principles of Coaching, as described by Management Futures:
  1. The clients is a resourceful person
  2. The coachs role is to spring loose the clients resourcefulness
  3. Coaching is about change and action
  4. The client sets the agenda
  5. Coaching addresses the whole person - past, present and future
  6. The coach and client are equals
You can learn more about the principles from the book of Jenny Rogers, a co-founder of Management Futures: Coaching Skills. A Handbook (

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