Qualification standards project successfully finalised

In December 2013 we have successfully finalised one of the biggest challenges in Doradca history: a large-scale project dealing with the elaboration of 300 national qualification standards, for the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. 

The project was launched in April 2012. Doradca Consultants Ltd. was a leader of the implementing consortium, consisting also of Instytut Technologii Eksploatacji from Radom, WYG International Sp. z o.o. from Warsaw, Instytut Pracy i Spraw Socjalnych from Warsaw, and Łódzkie Centrum Doskonalenia Nauczycieli i Kształcenia Praktycznego (Łódź). The official , name of the project was the following: „Development of a set of national qualification standards required by employers”. The project was managed by Centrum Rozwoju Zasobów Ludzkich (HR Development Centre), initiated and supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. It was co-financed from EFS (EU) sources. 

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The scale of the project can be illustrated by some figures: in its framework 300 qualification standards were elaborated. Detailed research embraced 4804 working posts in 2427 enterprises. In total, 1859 experts participated in the project. Its results (standards) were handed over to almost 1000 institutions. All 42 product elaborated in the course of the project were delivered on time.

The reference letter issued by Centrum Rozwoju Zasobów Ludzkich and addressed to Doradca, pointed out - among others - high competencies of the implementation team, its deep involvement and professionalism, guaranteeing high quality of services. 

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