E-I Consulting Group research on strategic trends in 2013

In the collaboration with E-I Consulting Group Doradca participated in a research on strategic business trends in 2013 - in the European context. The initiative was to commemorate the 25th anniversary of E-I Consulting Group. The report has been published recently.

The survey aims to provide insights in the strategic priorities of European companies, their preferred strategies, how do they want to distinguish themselves from their competitors, how do they formulate their strategies and to what degree they are able to realize their strategic objectives. It provides an interesting view on strategic priorities in the participating countries, in addition to highlighting differences between countries.

Countries participating in the study are Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland. In total 457 companies have responded to the survey. Doradca was responsible for the Polish part of the research.

The report can be downloaded from the following page:


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